Panasonic PT-AE2000 Projector Lamp with Module

Technical Information

Brand Panasonic
Projector Model PT-AE2000
Lamp Part Number See "Alternative Lamp ID's"
Type Projector Lamp with Module
Internal SKU # MPLL09846

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F.A.Q. #1

Does this module match my projector?

See "Suitable Projectors" Above.

F.A.Q. #2

Is it as good as the bulb that came with my projector originally?

It is exactly the same quality, it is not an imitation lamp.

F.A.Q. #3

If I buy this item and find out it is the wrong item or doesn't work for any reason, can I get an exchange or refund?

EXCHANGES: You can return a lamp for exchange within 180 days of purchase. REFUNDS: You can return the lamp for ANY REASON within 30 days of purchase and receive a refund. *Restock fee may apply.

Question Answered

Where is the contact button above for me to add my shipping cost to my final bill? Asked by Lau H. On Oct 11, 2022

The shipping cost should be added automatically to your bill. If not, then contact our customer service line: +852 2155 2332 for more help.

Answered by MyProjectorLamps Support On Oct 13, 2022

Question Answered

Do you have the Panasonic projector lamp model PT-AE2000E LCD bulb (ET-LAE1000) in stock? Asked by Gopinath L. On Jul 30, 2017

The projector lamp above will operate properly for the PT-AE2000E projector. It is the equivalent of the ET-LAE1000 projector bulb.

Answered by MyProjectorLamps On Aug 03, 2017

Question Answered

My projector is a Panasonic PT-AE1000E is the lamp : Panasonic PT-AE1000 Projector Lamp with Module compatible? Asked by Andy J. On Aug 20, 2017

If you order the PANASONIC PT-AE1000 with Module on our website it will be the correct lamp. The lamp part # for your projector is the ET-LAE1000. If you need help placing the order please contact our customer support team.

Answered by MyProjectorLamps On Aug 21, 2017

Question Answered

Is the PT-AE3000 the same as the PT-AE3000U lamp? Thanks Asked by Alex L. On Sep 04, 2017

The projectors PT-AE3000 and PT-AE3000U use the same lamp. The correct lamp part # for these projectors is ET-LAE1000. You can place an order for this lamp online 24/7/365 or over the phone Monday-Friday during regular business hours.

Answered by MyProjectorLamps On Sep 07, 2017

Question Answered

Is this lamp suitable for the pt-ae3000e? Asked by Michael D. On Mar 13, 2019

Yes! This lamp is suitable for the PT-AE3000E.

Answered by MyProjectorLamps On Apr 25, 2019

Question Answered

I see this lamp on another website on sale for $108.99. This is the ET-LAE1000 lamp part number. Would you be able to match this price? Asked by Bev M. On Dec 03, 2019

Yes, we can match the price. Please contact our sales team: to get the matched price

Answered by MyProjectorLamps Support On Jul 07, 2022

Question Answered

Is the lamp for the ET-LAE1000 projector in stock? Asked by Mark T. On Apr 07, 2020

Yes, the lamps ET-LAE1000 projector are in stock, but please contact our US sales team: to make sure.

Answered by MyProjectorLamps Support On Jul 07, 2022

Question Answered

Can someone call me re a Panasonic ET-LAE1000? Kieran 0862339449. Asked by Kieran O. On May 07, 2021

Please contact our sales team: if you wish to purchase a lamp.

Answered by MyProjectorLamps Support On Jul 05, 2022

Question Answered

Is this a genuine OEM bulb? Asked by Lloyd H. On Nov 01, 2021

Yes, this bulb and every bulb used in the modules for MyProjectorLamps is a genuine OEM bulb or the original equipment manufacturer. The bulbs are bare projector bulbs are "made by Philips, Osram and Ushio - these companies manufacture genuine original parts for all major projector brands" as stated in green and asterisked above.

Answered by MyProjectorLamps Support On Jan 04, 2022

Question Answered

Will this work on a PT-AE3000 projector? Asked by Dennis R. On Dec 31, 2021

Yes, as shown in the "Suitable Projectors" list above, the module and lamp, SKU #MPLL09846 will fit into a PT-AE3000 Projector.

Answered by MyProjectorLamps Support On Dec 31, 2021

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