Exchange/ Return Policy

If you have any problems with the projector lamp you receive, you may return it if you have purchased it within 180 days. MyProjectorLamps 180-Day guarantee is automatically applied to every lamp purchased with us.

You may return any projector lamps for a refund or exchange. Each lamp that is retuned to our office will be tested by our returns department with a lamp/bulb tester. Any lamp returned that is not defective will be subject to a $25 restocking fee.

If you are returning your projector lamp for a refund or exchange please note you will have to pay to return the lamp to us with Canada Post.

If you wish to initiate a refund or exchange and have purchased within the past 180 days, please click the link or call 1-888-785-2677 or contact us via email.

Once you initiate the refund/ exchange process, we will provide you with an RMA form and information for how to send your lamp back to MyProjectorLamps.

If you are outside of your 180-Day guarantee and your bulb no longer operates, please contact us as soon as possible, because we empathize with your situation and may still be able to assist you.

*Refunds are available up to 30 days after receiving the lamp, and will be refunded by the same pay method as purchased. Exchanges will be available up to 180 days after receiving the lamp.